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On-Site Individual & Group Interventions

When death, dying and tragedy impact the workplace having a mental health professional come to the worksite to provide confidential consultation, group and individual intervention and support is appropriate.

Worksite/On-Site interventions available - Confidentiality is always maintained:

  • Management Consultation - available to discuss options, prevention and postvention.
  • Individual support or counseling - when group intervention is not indicated or practical, individuals are encouraged to talk privately with an on-site professional.
  • Grief Group - Professionally led group where education, information and discussion is encouraged following death, dying and tragedy.
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - a formal small group intervention usually held within 2 days to 2 weeks following a tragedy or critical event. ICISF model or Mitchell Method.
  • Seminars and informal 'brown bag' lunch talks - speaker available to talk about mental health issues including anxiety, change, communication, conflict resolution, coping, creativity, depression, disaster, family issues, grief, holiday blues, hypnosis, insomnia, meditation, stress reduction, team work.
  • Crisis Management Briefing (CMB) - following tragedy or critical event the dissemination of information, facts, stress symptoms, coping suggestions and resources are discussed.
  • Defusings - an informal small group intervention usually within 24 hours following a tragedy or critical event.
    Call Mary S. Reigel at (916) 366-8026   or e-mail Mary at:  mary@griefsupport.org

    Mary first started consulting and providing group intervention in the business community following the death of an employee or employer while working at Suicide Prevention in Alameda County, 1982 - 1992. Later, 1993 -1999, she was an independent contractor with Alameda County’s Behavior Health Department where she was contracted to assist in a variety of capacities. Most often she would provide assitance to county worksites with group intervention regarding traumatic events, grief, conflict resolution, critical incidents and to provide education. Also, as part of a mutual aide CISM team for Alameda County, Mary occasionally provided these confidential services to Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Marin, Napa, Orange, Ventura and Lake counties following disasters and critical incidents.

    Until 2008, Mary was contracted by the majority of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in California to provide onsite education, group intervention, management consultation and individual counseling following death, tragedy, robbery, assault, perceived threats, lay offs and other critical events.

    Today Mary works as an independent contractor in the business community. Due to her years of program development, trainings, instruction and her exertise, Mary is often requested to provide on-site, confidential intervention and education on a variety of subjects.

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